Hello World

My name is Patrick Morgan. I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am a rising junior at the University of Michigan where I am studying computer science. This summer (2020) I will be taking classes, doing cyber-space research for the SPQR Lab, and working on my startup Zoomleap.com.

This blog will primarily consist of my weekly summaries of my research where I will detail my findings and progress, however I will also try to write some blogs about my background, interests, and why I decided to start Zoomleap.

For a little bit about myself, I am really interested in technology and business, and more specifically the intersection between the two. I see software as the future of everything, therefore I decided to pursue a degree in computer science. I hope to leverage this technical degree to start tech companies of my own that will make a positive impact on the world. I am passionate about startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurship.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, camping, flying my drones, and spending time outdoors. Last summer I worked on a cattle ranch in Colorado for a week, and it was one of the most fun weeks of my life. I am really into photography and I love the ability to capture transient moments and make them last forever (some of my favorite photos are below). My favorite thing to do is travel, whether it be to a different country or just to Northern Michigan each summer. I hope to some day travel the world and visit every country. I also enjoy other things like reading and more recently chess. In addition to, I am very interested in space. I can talk about anything space for hours, and I enjoy learning about anything space related ranging from general relativity to how we will colonize Mars.

I can’t think of much else about myself to tell, so if you’re interested in space and my research this summer keep reading my other blog posts.

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